1. I looked up the company online and found that they'd been sued 3 times for withholding wages or underpaying
    I was supposed to manage a group of door-to-door campaigners for Obama in 2008. Instead I just didn't show up for training.
  2. The hiring manager and CEO spent the whole interview sniping at each other and interrupting me
    I really thought I'd bombed the interview but they offered me a higher salary than I'd asked for. The vibe I got of the company from my 3 interviews made me want nothing to do with it.
  3. She wanted to give me fake lashes
    The job was receptionist for a lash extension salon. She offered to give me free extensions so I could be a walking advertisement. It didn't feel like my kind of place, so instead of taking this full time position I worked 3 part times for awhile.
  4. I turned down a promotion once because I had already been working for the company for 2 years and knew the job was bullshit, underpaid (probably illegally so, but they were using independent contractor loopholes and it's hard to prove), and the company owner was a nightmare
    I ended up rage quitting this job (but also sort of getting fired... it was a mess) less than three months later
  5. He was actually scamming me for money
    I thought I'd been hired to nanny for a rich family for a summer. He wanted me to buy his kid a Nintendo DS and some games, but wired me about $800 more than he should have "on accident." Turns out this is a very common money wiring scam and there was no nanny job. (I did not get scammed out of the money, my dad had heard of this scam and prevented disaster!)