Costco on a Saturday is a little overwhelming. I think that's why they provide snacks.
  1. Carrot juice
    SURPRISINGLY delicious.
  2. Gouda
    Real GOOD-a oh god I'm so sorry
  3. Provolone and prosciutto
    Real nice big chunk of prosciutto. Excellent.
  4. Organic fruit tubes
    Great in theory, basically whole fruit mashed and frozen in a tube, but 1) the name fruit tube is pretty unappealing and 2) took too big a bite and it was TOO COLD
  5. Raw coconut water
    Not a fan.
  6. Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl
    NOT GOOD. Flavorless reconstituted egg whites and undercooked potatoes not redeemed by the somewhat tasty turkey sausage. Did not finish.
  7. Coconut coffee
    Had a real long sales pitch. This coffee, brewed with coconut milk and coconut oil, is supposed to boost my energy, help me focus, and make me lose weight. It was really yummy (if you really like coconut) but too awash in BS for me to care.
  8. Ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel square
    SCORE. Hidden in the back where there are not always sample tables.