I like to cook but am often pretty lazy. These are my go-tos when I want something yummy, quick, and cheap.
  1. Cheese and crackers
    No, Stacy, throwing some Wheat Thins, near-expired salami, and a hunk of whatever cheese was on sale on a plate does not a charcuterie make.
  2. Popcorn
    Usually with a handful of peanut butter M&Ms, which means I'm pretending a snack that is really dessert is dinner.
  3. Veggies and hummus
    Wow so healthy! Also not a real meal and I will inevitably get hungry again an hour later.
  4. Cereal
    My favorites are Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but if I know I'm eating cereal for dinner for a few days I make myself get something healthier, like Kashi.
  5. Avocado toast
    This is the easiest to fool myself into thinking it's a real meal. I can dress it up with fancy bread, tomato, and an egg, maybe even serve it with a side salad. Sometimes I have it for breakfast and dinner on the same day!!