Tonight @Allys_on and I met a young man in a park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  1. "Hello! I would like to practice my English. May I talk to you?"
    EXCELLENT start. So polite. And how could we say no?!
  2. We cover the usual: what's your name, where are you from, what do you do.
  3. He's a 22 year old university student who grew up in HCMC and is studying business management...
  4. " I can be like you!" he says to Ally, who had told him that she used to be a manager.
    💯. Compliments are stellar.
  5. He asks if he can add us on Facebook and I write my name in his phone
  6. "What is your marital status?"
    Bit strange, bit formal, but no problem, we tell him we're both unmarried.
  7. I ask him, "Are you married?"
  8. "No!" he says. "I don't have enough money to be married yet!"
    Okay, it's been established, we're just three single 20-somethings hanging out in a park in Vietnam. So casual.
  9. We chit chat a bit more about hobbies, travel, etc
  10. A pause
  11. Then he asks, "So while you are here, do you maybe want to meet a Vietnamese husband?"
  12. "Well, we're only here for one month," I explain. "That would be really quick to meet and get married. But maybe someday I could marry a Vietnamese man, who knows!"
  13. He considers this, then nods in acceptance.
  14. Another pause
  15. "So, do you believe in love at first sight?"
  16. Ally and I laugh. "It hasn't happened yet!"
    A mild burn... 😁
  17. "Okay. Well. My friend--" he gestures behind us and we see that another 20-something Vietnamese guy has pulled up on his scooter. The 2nd guy waggles his fingers at us. "--is going to take me to a party. Isn't he handsome?"
  18. Aha! The long con is revealed! He didn't want to practice his English at all! He was just on a mission to recruit two girls to be their dates to a party!!!!
  19. "In the U.S. we have a term for someone who helps their friend meet girls. You're being a good wingman!" Ally tells him.
  20. The friend doesn't approach but waggles his fingers at us when we look at him.
    Making your bro do all the work for you is NOT 💯!
  21. We politely declined the party
  22. "Well I am going to add you on Facebook tonight, and I hope that we can keep talking for a long time."
    Okay, you sweetheart, you're a 22 year old baby, but you're harmless and charming.
  23. True to his word...
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