1. I don't believe in God
    I went to a a very evangelical summer camp for three years and considered myself a "born again Christian" for a time. Now, I look back on that camp I went to and feel a little weird about it; it put a bad taste in my mouth about organized religion in general.
  2. I've had casual sex
    Related to above: for a while I wanted to save myself for marriage!
  3. I'm an extrovert
    I went through a very awkward period (it's called middle school, you've probably experienced the same). I didn't have many friends, I was extremely socially anxious, and became really shy. I confused this for introversion, but it turns out I was an extrovert this whole time! I get depressed when I'm lonely! I need people around me!
  4. People know me as a fun, outgoing, party person
    I've lived in two different houses that became the designated "party house" for my friends at the time. I love parties (related to above; extroversion!) and am often an instigator (of drinking games, of taking shots, of going to get burritos, of doing something very silly/possibly stupid). Ten years ago I hated being the center of attention and would never believe that someday I would willingly yell "ATTENTION! STACY SLUYS! ATTENTION!" to, well, attract everyone's attention, duh.
  5. I'm not a writer
    This one makes me really fucking sad and is something I want to change. I used to write daily but haven't felt connected to my writing or very inspired in a long, long time. I want to get back in touch with this part of myself, but figuring out how is daunting.
  6. I'm still fat
    I waited for my nerdy-girl-gets-super-hot-over-the-summer for too long before realizing that hot and fat aren't mutually exclusive. Learning to love myself/my body is a daily battle but I get better at it all the time.
  7. I'm not married
    Wanted to be married at 25 with a kid by 27. NOPE.