I am SUPER thankful to be on this trip, but I'll be in Cambodia on Thanksgiving this year and I'm gonna miss some things!
  1. My mama's cornbread dressing
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    (It's dressing, not stuffing, because it doesn't go in the bird.) The only other time I missed Thanksgiving was when I was studying abroad in England and I made the dressing for my Friendsgiving. It's my absolute favorite dish on my family's table!
  2. My dad's pies
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    Sometimes we bake them together and it's an adorable bonding activity. Harvest cheesecake (cheesecake with a layer of pumpkin pie on top) is his Thanksgiving specialty.
  3. Getting drunk on San Diego beer with my brother
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    It's not really a holiday if he and I aren't getting toasted and having a heart-to-heart. Ballast Point Sculpin has been our poison lately. This is us, aren't we cute?!
  4. Making the Brussels sprouts
    Been my job for two years now and this quinoa-roasted sprouts dish is a big hit: http://www.thugkitchen.com/roasted_brussels_sprouts_quinoa_cranberries
  5. Susan's sausage stuffing
    Yes, there's usually 2 types of stuffing/dressing on our table, because my mom's best friend has to make hers. My mom's is my favorite but Susan's is 💯 too -- stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving!!!!
  6. Turkey skin
    The best part, obviously.
  7. The Thanksgiving day parade
    I've never woken up early enough to see the whole thing, except maybe the year *NSYNC performed, but I love the high school bands and dance performances and seeing Santa at the very end!!
  8. Leftovers sandwich the next day
    My dad bakes a loaf of potato bread and gives some slices to everyone so we can take home homemade bread and all the leftovers. The best leftovers sandwich is mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, turkey, and a smattering of the other leftovers (even mashed potatoes and stuffing!!)
  9. Decorating the Christmas tree
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    My mom and I decorate our family Christmas tree together every year, usually Thanksgiving weekend. Putting the angel on the top is a big deal!
  10. The warm after-dinner buzz of family and friendship and love and holiday cheer and gratitude
    Not that I can't feel these things from abroad, of course, I'll just miss feeling them in person with my family 😊