Rita (short for Jaguarita) is a very pretty cat. She is not an exceptionally smart cat. But my roommate @Allys_on and I love her anyway.
  1. A tack on the wall
    It's not a bug, sweet angel.
  2. Trash
    Crumpled up receipts are her favorite
  3. A tennis ball
    It's actually her favorite toy
  4. An HDMI cable that was dangling off a chair
  5. My hair
  6. Bugs
    This would be extremely helpful if she was ever successful at it. In the fight between Tiny Bug and Comparatively Huge Cat, bug wins every time.
  7. The lamp
    Bugs are attracted to it, and she likes to hunt bugs, and for awhile she believed the light was the SOURCE of the bugs. She would crouch in pounce position staring at the lamp.
  8. This is her, for reference.
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    Lying on her favorite comfy seat: my ass