This show is batshit and I love it. I can't watch the current season though so 💀NO SPOILERS💀 plz
  1. Lydia (Banshee)
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    LYDIA IS QUEEN AND I WILL HEAR NO ARGUMENTS TO THE CONTRARY. Approximately 85% of the characters' problems would be solved so much faster if they just LISTENED TO LYDIA. She is incredibly intelligent, super sassy, easily the best dressed, very loyal, can sense death or something, and does not have time for your bullshit. Wish the writers would stop taking away her agency by making her crazy/possessed all the time tho.
  2. Allison (Human, one in a long line of demon hunters, dies tragically)
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    Allison was the ass-kicking archer whose family is sworn to kill werewolves who then, oops, fell in love with a werewolf. Oh, two werewolves actually. Who could have seen that coming! She was a total BAMF though and kicked ass like it was her job -- which it sort of was. Really, really upsetting that she got killed off.
  3. Malia (Werecoyote)
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    Malia lived most of her childhood as a coyote but then the Teen Wolves teach her how to be human. It's confusing! She just wants to hunt rabbits and doesn't have patience for petty human shit like algebra.
  4. Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)
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    A really dumb puppy who wants to do the right thing for his misfit band of demons and werecreatures. Like, REALLY dumb. It's adorable.
  5. Danny (Human, too good for us all)
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    Oblivious to the supernatural world around him, Danny is just content to be best bros with Jackson, go dancing at that one night club that apparently allows 16 year olds in, and have sex with that Smooshy Face twin (more later). He's also v good at lacrosse and super hot.
  6. Stiles (Human, but was once possessed for a whole season by a really scary demon)
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    The Internet's favorite character, Stiles is a goofy virgin (until he starts gettin' it on on the regular with Malia) whose biggest contribution to the team is being smarter than Scott. It's not much, but it's there, and he's also loyal, self-sacrificing, and hilarious.
  7. Kira (Kitsune)
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    Sort of an awkwardly obvious attempt to replace Allison with another asskicking girl for Scott to fall in love with, BUT she's coming into her own as a member of the squad. Her supernatural abilities are so far a little under-explored but awesome. And she is ADORABLE.
  8. Dr. Deaton (Human I am pretty sure?)
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    Just your average small-town veterinarian who, oh yeah, is a liaison between the human world and the supernatural one and might be a warlock or something??? I don't remember exactly.
  9. Melissa McCall (Human, but a supermom)
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    Scott's mom, excellent nurse, puts up with SO much more BS than she deserves, accepts the reality of having a Teen Wolf as a son with grace and aplomb.
  10. Hot Dad Argent (Human, demon hunter)
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    I almost accidentally wrote "semen hunter" so you know what's on my mind when it comes to him. Tough, but not cold, and is now very sad (because Allison and his wife are dead) which has its own special hotness.
  11. Parrish (Supernatural but we don't know exactly how, WHAT IS PARRISH??? but don't tell me if it's been revealed this season)
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    I've seen too many Joss Whedon shows because every time he's on screen, being all cute and competent at his job, I think for SURE he's about to die. But he got burned alive in a car and SURVIVED so I know there's much more under the surface.
  12. Sheriff Stilinski (Human)
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    Stiles' dad who just wants to do right by his kid and very, VERY patiently accepts the reality of werewolves and other supernatural shit. I want him and Hot Dad to get their own spinoff where they are buddy cops investigating demon stuff.
  13. Peter Hale (Werewolf)
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    Mostly evil, mostly sassy. Hates that he has to deal with so many teens but also loves fucking with them.
  14. Isaac (Werewolf)
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    The scenes where he is roommates with Scott and Scott keeps throwing him into a wall because he's dating Allison and Scott's mom just sighs exasperatedly and yells at her werewolf son to stop beating up her werewolf foster kid are excellent. He is a little precious baby werewolf and I imagine he is now off fighting demons with Hot Dad somewhere.
  15. Boyd (Werewolf)
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    WHYYYY DID YOU HAVE TO DIIIIIIIIE oh yeah because you're a man of color THIS SHOW AIN'T PERFECT
  16. Erica (Werewolf)
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  17. Jackson (Werewolf, after a brief period of being a werelizard or kanima)
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    Mean jock from the first season who is a total bro and just wants to be Prom King to Lydia's Prom Queen and then go pro in lacrosse UNTIL, awkward, he gets turned into a murderous lizard creature without his knowledge but then transforms into a werewolf. Now he lives in London (seriously).
  18. Victoria Argent (Human, hunter)
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    BAMF-y matriarch of the current generation of Argent werewolf hunters, she tragically has to die to forward Hot Dad's plot line.
  19. Kate Argent (Werejaguar)
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    Excellent villain who just can't stay dead. Has a lot of hate sex with Derek.
  20. Smooshy Face Twins (Werewolves)
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    They are part of an evil pack of all alpha werewolves and can totally-not-weirdly combine their bodies into one Superalpha. I can't remember their names or tell them apart but one gets to hook up with Danny and the other gets to hook up with Lydia -- lucky boys! Oh and one is dead now.
  21. Deaucalian (Werewolf)
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    The Alpha of a pack of all alphas who wants to recruit Scott because Scott is a True Alpha. Best quotes: "I am the alpha of alphas!" and "I AM THE DEMON WOLF."
  22. New Baby Scott (Werewolf)
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    Oh what the hell is his name? Scott had to turn him into a werewolf to save his life and Baby Scott was MAD but it's fine now and they play lacrosse together and do wolf stuff.
  23. New Baby Danny (Human)
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    Again, don't remember his name. Baby Scott's best friend who was just so worried about his bro and wanted to be there for him while he was stressing out about, whatever, turning into a wolf I guess. I wish there could be more than one gay character on this show at a time but it seems that's not to be, since he showed up right when Danny left (graduated? It's unclear).
  24. Braeden (Human)
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    Mercenary who pops up throughout the series, becoming more badass every time.
  25. Coach (Human)
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    He quotes the Independence Day speech before every playoff game!!
  26. Derek Hale (Werewolf)
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    Good jawline. Nice to look at. Liked him best when he was trapped in the body of his 15 year old self.
  27. Gerard Argent (Human but then sort of half-werewolf or something??)
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    Allison's sweet and doting grandfather who turns out to be DUPER evil and REALLY hates werewolves. Then he wants to become one to beat cancer, but it goes awry and then he drools black goo for a season.
  28. Agent McCall (Human)
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    Scott's absentee father who comes back into his life to... hmmm there is a reason for him being here, he's like FBI or CIA and is investigating something? Whatever, he starts off as a clueless toolbag and ends up a clueless not-so-toolbag. And yes, this actor also plays the rentboy Cyrus has to marry in Scandal, good eye!
  29. Marin Morrell (Human)
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    Deaton's little sister who is like this chaotic neutral presence I think?? Appears first as a mild-mannered French teacher/guidance counselor but turns out to be up to her neck in supernatural stuff just like her bro.
  30. The Calaveras (Humans, hunters)
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    A band of werewolf hunters who periodically show up to threaten, torture, or fight our Teen Wolves and Friends, but sometimes I think they help? Hard to keep track.