I haven't read many comics, but my friends have, and I truly love listening to them explain the zany things that happen in them. These are the things that have really stuck with me.
  1. One time The Flash ran around the world so he could punch someone extra hard
  2. Thor can't fly.
    The hammer doesn't give him flying powers. He just throws the hammer really, really hard in the direction he wants to go and holds on.
  3. There's a parallel Earth in the DC universe where the superheroes are all animals
  4. And another one where they are all babies
  5. And another one where they are all gorillas (unrelated to the one where they are all animals)
  6. Guy Gardner loves the Orioles and owns a superhero themed bar IN SPACE
  7. One time Captain America pushed Bruce Banner out of a helicopter because he needed the Hulk
  8. Another time Cap was upset and demanded to know if "YOU THINK THIS A ON MY FOREHEAD STANDS FOR FRANCE"
    It does not.
  9. One time Booster Gold drunk drove a Time Sphere
    And the Flash turned it into a teachable moment for Kid Flash
  10. One time Tony Stark got drunk and dropped a train (everyone was fine)
  11. Natasha Romanoff is the Soviet answer to Captain America; she was injected with an imitation super soldier serum in the 40s and is just as old as Steve.
    I choose to believe this is true in the cinematic universe too and that Nat lets everyone make fun of Steve for being old with a really smug smile on her face.