1. There are clear, easy-to-follow steps
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    Base coat. Let dry. Color. Let dry. Repeat until desired opaqueness is achieved. Top coat. Let dry.
  2. It feels like art that I'm actually good at
    I can't draw or paint or sculpt, but I can apply color to my nails in pleasing ways
  3. But I'm not that good at it, and that's okay
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    Mistakes are easily fixed or washed away. I can't do any fancy nail art, but I can arrange nice colors in patterns.
  4. There can be something outrageous about my look even though I have to dress professionally at work
    Really lucky my company doesn't mind that I greet clients with hot pink, glitter covered nails on the reg
  5. Repetitive actions
    Relaxing. Anxiety reducing.
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  8. It just makes me happy!!
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