1. PRO: I love lists.
  2. PRO: It strikes me in some ways as a long form version of Twitter, and I like Twitter.
    Even though people keep saying that Snapchat is the new Twitter/Instagram/everything)
  3. PRO: Even though people keep saying that Snapchat is the new Twitter/Instagram/everything, it seems way too late to get on that bandwagon at this point.
    And I don't really want to get on that bandwagon anyway
  4. PRO: There are many ppl on it (e.g. @zoe @IkeBarinholtz @aidybryant) that I find wildly inspiring and funny and moving and cool and participating is a way to be more like them.
    In my head anyway
  5. PRO: I'd like to make some life changes and I feel that this medium may be a cool one to help motivate/document it.
  6. PRO: As far as I know, no one that I personally know actively uses it, so I've got nothing to lose.
    In my head anyway
  7. CON: There are probably more productive things that I could be doing.
    Like living more actively in the moment/world
  8. CON: People who appear to excel on here seem to have a strong understanding of memes/gifs/etc that I don't have.
    Rebuttal: No requirement to "excel" on here
  9. PRO: Now that I've drafted this list it would be a shame to not post it on a medium that was crafted for this very purpose.
  10. Tentative conclusion: I should join the List App.*
    *but also still live actively in the moment/world and not let low-to-moderate knowledge of memes/gifs/etc hold me back from expressing myself