Apparently, eating a cookie marked "careful" and then going to burn a lot of shit makes me mad emotional, you guys. Especially about Sex and the City. Go fucking figure. - xo Nay
  1. β€’
    Today we burned a bunch of brush and I got stoned af beforehand bc vacation. And I do what I want.
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    There is a mighty power in being outside.
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    LOL SAID EVERY HIGH PERSON EVER. but frfr not having walls around really makes you think
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    ~*Oh wow my hand looks so lovely in this afternoon light*~
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    Shitttt maybe male manicurists r the future shit
  4. β€’
    Dogs are super fucking magical mystical creatures except THEY'RE REAL and goddamn everywhere. Incredible πŸ™πŸ½.
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    Fire = dope show
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    Seriously just wow. It's so magic 😰
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    things are aflame and the world is beautiful and I'm probably ovulating and everything I look at rn is just full of real life metaphor
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  7. β€’
    Includine these perfectly-sauced Hot Cheetos
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  8. β€’
    My numerology book said I need to use my charm to support others
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    how 2 do dis πŸ‘€ 2 do how 2 do....
  10. β€’
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    (Actually screamed this at her)
  11. β€’
    maybe I'll be insta famous 😼😼😼
  12. β€’
    I wanna be fucking Samantha you guys
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    What certainty. What vigor.
  13. β€’
    Or Big, tbh.
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    The only man whose ever loved to scat and pretend to be good at it as much as I do.