I felt like I needed to be hateful for five seconds. I figured directing that energy towards DJ Khaled on an elliptical was something we could all get behind. 👅
  1. Why is this man richer than me?
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  2. Does DJ Khaled have any concept of environmentalism? Like at ALL??!,!!,??
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  3. This woman must DESPISE him
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  4. The way he says LIONNNNN is perhaps his most redeeming quality
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  5. not bad nails beds tbh
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  6. Do those changes involve turning into Anthony Anderson orrrrr is someone at snapchat just racist....
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  7. Be great!! Make history!! Let win more......?
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    I think he forgot who he's rooting for
  8. Not a bad message to send to the haters tbh
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    That face tho 😟 not a good look
  9. Mmmm no plz
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