powerball.com is everything you didn't know you ever needed
  1. The FAQ
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  2. The inspired use of the cross browser marquee script to create a scrolling header
  3. The vaguely patriotic 1998-esque color scheme
  4. The page that gives instructions how to clear your cache in AOL if your pages appear to be out of date
  5. The winners stories pages
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  6. The fact that the site is best viewed using a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher in Firefox 2.x or higher
  7. The "E-mail Signup" [sic] FAQ
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  8. The hyperlink policy that "welcomes hyperlink establishment to [Multi-State Lottery Association] web sites" [sic]
  9. The oddly specific history section
  10. The Comic Sans vertical marquee containing real actually letter writer comments in response to the FAQ