5 Photos From My iPhone

So I recently got a new phone and instead of starting fresh I chose about 500 pictures I had on my old phone to transfer on here. Here are 5 of them.
  1. Cute Disneyland Pic
    This is me and my best friend Kendall at Disneyland our senior year in high school! This trip was really fun and also kinda dramatic and idk a real monumental day in my high school life I would say. I love this pic of us because we look so happy and obsessed with each other, which is rare because Kendall hates showing affection.
  2. Disobeying Rules
    In high school Matt (bff) and I would sneak behind the risers in choir during the beginning of class and do homework, eat, watch videos on our phone, text, anything besides choir. This specific day I remember doing Matt's spanish homework for him.
  3. Angry Sister
    I made this picture of my sister on snapchat and always thought it was so funny. It truly captures her inner spirit.
  4. Amy Obsessed
    I had so many Amy Poehler (and Mindy Kaling shhh) pics saved on my phone. This is one of the ones that made the cut because she looks great and it's so funny. I loved her in blades of glory so this picture just reminds me of how great Amy is at really giving it her all in comedic performances. LOL kind of pic.
    As if I could honestly not put this picture on my phone. I love Mindy and the fact that I got to meet her and speak to her and get a pic with her helps me sleep lighter at night. Ily MK.