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aka a list of what i have in the pantry
  1. potatoes
  2. stale bread
    honey wheat
  3. stale english muffins
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  1. ramen lol
  2. chicken
  3. turkey
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  1. i like my classes
  2. mom was cool with txtbook prices
    and i had a good screening, and i worked out 4 days in a row, and i'm doing well
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  1. frozen fruit?
    but i think i have some in the freezer
  2. crunchies
    specifically veggie straws and/or popcorn
  3. juice
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trust me im an expert
  1. Do you like New York City?
    disguised as a club in the heart of Chelsea, The McKittrick Hotel is just a short walk, bike, or train ride from wherever you are in Manhattan.
  2. Do you like theatre?
    at its heart, SNM is an incredible theatrical performance.
  3. Do you admire Shakespeare?
    if yes, revel in this 1950s retelling of Macbeth. If not, that's fine too-- see how many Hitchcock references you can find throughout the show.
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  1. read more books
  2. keep drinking water
    60oz at LEAST
  3. try to get back into powerlifting
    if u cant do this one its ok i forgive u and u have lots of time
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  1. app meeting with katie n mic
    tmrw 1030
  2. pick up prozac n get a flu shot
  3. drop off money n talk to max
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Inspired by @lily7
  1. jokes on u my gender identity allows me to be a boy anyway
  2. but i'll play along
  3. have really nice swoopy long hair
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Inspired by @sarahgorman, @LizDawson, and more
  1. breakfast sandwich
    jones sausage patty, sunny side up egg, white american cheese on a lightly toasted english muffin
  2. real breakfast
    oatmeal with brown sugar, three lightly scrambled eggs with salt, toast with grape jelly or butter, sausage patties, peanut butter pancakes/challah french toast, an apple juice, and a hot cocoa/chocolate milk
  3. smoothie
    apple juice, peach yogurt, raspberries, strawberries, peaches/mangoes, half a banana
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