ok so maybe this isnt v productive or helpful in terms of moving on but u know what.. im making it anyway. ETA: now with pictures for extra nostalgia
  1. Caleb
    my main man... sibs from different cribs... u always listened to me and always had cool things to show me. also u always told me u loved me too which is a Big Deal. i guess we r still friends but not like it used to be. i wish i knew more stuff abt u and yr life and i wish i could talk to u without it being weird bc u have a girlfriend or whatever. probably the only man i will ever trust aside from like... my dad
  2. Joe
    honey sweetie baby child. u r the one that got away. sorry i'm gay. yr probably doing some neat stuff these days but i bet u r still as kind and respectful and fun-loving as before
  3. Jordan
    idek why u left me man... i always thought we had fun together and you were the original D A D.
  4. Mattie
    this one just hurts tbh. learned a lot of things from u and u were rlly special. wanted to be a part of yr world
  5. Victoria
    ok technically this one could still happen its just we never see each other and you live a few hours away and our timelines were just a little off. maybe one day
  6. Caitlin
    lordy idek what to say abt this one. love u to death and again, timelines just didn't match up. sometimes i get to see u and its bomb a.f i just wish we were close
  7. Vera
    yr cool! yr smart! we're compatible! i just dont see u enough and we never talk abt things that are ~deep~ but i feel like if we did we would have a closer more loving connection