Requested by melissa


10??? oh thats a lot. Requested by @mlmyers
  1. 1.
    blessed with nice tits
    sorry mom
  2. 2.
    my body heals very well
  3. 3.
    i am incredibly resiliant
  4. 4.
    ive got a strong work ethic
  5. 5.
    i have an ok fashion sense
  6. 6.
    i am musically talented
  7. 7.
    i am v empathic
    double edged sword but. something that makes me a good listener and friend i hope
  8. 8.
    i have a lot of interests
    which sometimes is overwhelming but i do think its a good thing in the long run
  9. 9.
    i have a sense of humor
    which like. some people don't? i know how to enjoy things
  10. 10.
    i am an absolute pro in heels