i feel like i've been complaining a lot so here are some awesome things in my life. no particular order
  1. Melissa
    feel like this one is self-explanatory but she is ALWAYS there for me and they r so loving and validating and supportive
  2. Danielle
    its so nice having a chill-ass roomie who says cute things and isn't a binch
  3. my mom
    funny how she's on every list of mine?!?! sometimes we got Issues but all in all she is supportive and cute and i love her.
  4. Thursday Night Movie Night
    ty rituals with friends
  5. my room
    its so cute and comfy and it looks extra good when its clean
  6. the second shower on the right side
    the best shower on campus i think. the faucet is broken so u can make it way too hot which is ideal for a shower imo
  7. my new faber castell pencils
    they r so soft and sharp and bright and i am excited to use them
  8. my dad
    he's my rock!!! such a solid and quiet presence in my life
  9. my water bottle
    drinking is much less of a hassle
  10. CERC
    nice healing space with mostly great people