plus the reasons i'm not doing them
  1. go to the gym
    its right next door and my workout only takes 45 minutes if i don't dawdle! but i don't have my gym clothes with me.
  2. start my excel sheet for prof k
    dude i am so sorry. i got rlly discouraged by the spacing and havent touched it since. i'd do it right now but my computer is dead and i cant find an outlet close enough to use and be able to sit in this comfy chair. also, i cant screenshare on mac which is very annoying for this assignment. good thing yr not paying me!
  3. applying for an on-campus job
    idk where to go and this chair is so comfy
  4. start taking notes for class bc the slides will move too fast for me to copy them in real time
    computer is dead! and i can do 'em later, no rush
  5. buy my pp tickets
    computer is dead!