1. why mustard is an "in" colour
    mustard doesn't look good on ANYONE. overstates blue and red undertones, and clashes with green and yellow undertones
  2. cats
    they are not exciting or cool. they don't even wanna hang out with you.
  3. fruit in desserts
    WHY r u ruining baked goods!!!!!! dont hit me with that "fruit is nature's dessert shit" ill fuck u up
  4. people who one-strap their backpacks
    do u think it looks cool? doesnt yr back hurt :(
  5. drugs
    they smell bad and make me sleepy
  6. diet sodas
    they don't taste better stop lying to yrself
  7. toe rings
    no one sees them and they r uncomfy af
  8. yoga
    stretching??? in the morning???? why