I'm playing a Fender Jaguar with stock humbuckers into an Orange combo amp in case you're wondering and yes my pedalboard is huge and yes it's ridiculous and yes I own a wah pedal but never used it so I took it off
  1. Harmonist-Boss
    Newest addition. Honestly, I only got it so I could do the solo from St. Vincent's song Cruel. Chorus effect is utterly useless.
  2. Octavix-EHX
    How many cheap octave fuzz pedals are there that actually sound good? Probably the best nasty sounding pedal I've ever owned that's still quite musical.
  3. Fuzzolo-Z Vex
    It can give you that great stuttering effect as the signal dies out, and it chunks with the best of them. Go to fuzz pedal.
  4. Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker-EHX
    For when I'm feeling particularly Smashing Pumpkins-y. Super creamy, but I almost never use the tone wicker so sometimes I'm disappointed I didn't just get the standard, but far lovelier looking Big Muff Pi.
  5. East River Drive-EHX
    Someone told me it was just a clone of the Ibanez TS808, but cheaper, so I bought it. I don't know if that's true, but it's a proper overdrive and the tone nob is unbelievable.
  6. Rat (1986)-ProCo
    Very long story behind this pedal. First one I purchased on my own (meaning my parents didn't buy it for me), first one I extensively researched, and the first one I bought used, because they don't make the Rat 1 anymore. Perfect distortion.
  7. Instant Lo-Fi Junky-Z Vex
    This was my first "boutique" pedal, and it's rather pivotal in terms of shaping my sound. Almost always left on.
  8. Small Clone-EHX
    Blah, blah, blah Nirvana. Again, almost always left on.
  9. Möbius-Strymon
    Blah, blah, blah it's a fucking Strymon. Probably second only to the fully loaded Eventide H9 when it comes to how dense it is tone and feature wise. If my Small Clone or Lo-Fi isn't on, it's because this one is. (Seriously worth buying simply for the record player effect.)
  10. Phase Shifter-Boss
    My first Boss pedal. Wonderful and perfect. (Have never had problems with volume loss despite the very common complaint otherwise.)
  11. Volume-Ernie Ball
    It works. It has a grit knob that would be a great overdrive if I didn't already have one I like more. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE BATTERY CASE ON THE BOTTOM MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT ON A BOARD?
  12. '63 Fender Reverb-Boss
    I had the Cathedral pedal (seen below) forever, and just wanted some analog reverb. Slowly becoming impossible to live without.
  13. Cathedral-EHX
    First ever pedal and hands down my absolute favorite. Can do stuff other, fancier reverb and delay pedals can't even come close to. Nearly always on.
  14. Memory Toy-EHX
    Much like the '63 Fender Reverb, I just wanted an analog delay, but didn't care for all the tricks of the Memory Man. Unendingly inspirational.
  15. Dig-Strymon
    First delay pedal and Strymon pedal I ever got, and though I would recommend it to any serious guitar player, I would not recommend it to any one who's never used a delay pedal, or at least anyone who has never used a Stymon pedal before. Rather confusing, and not quite as useful as my Memory Toy, but still fun. Just needs to be dialed in a bit.
  16. Gravitas-Chase Bliss Audio
    Second most favorite pedal. If tremolo wasn't as hard-to-remain-pleasant-for-long-periods-of-time as it is, this would always be on. Its dip switches take it even farther than it needs to go to be worth having.
  17. LPB-1-EHX
    I needed a clean boost when I naively bought this. I'm not even sure if that's what it's for, but that's how I use it and it sounds fine.
  18. Ditto Looper x2-TC Electronic
    Looping has always been something I've done, so this is my 4th looping pedal. Maybe one of the 2-3 looping pedals that doesn't suck your tone (the others are also made my TC Electronic). Plus, being able to loop backwards and at 1/2 tempo is fantastic.