My Kiss Encyclopedia

  1. Ryne
    Quite possibly the most authentic "good-guy" I've ever known. The only one who walked me to my door every night. However, I can confidently claim I was his rebound (stellar choice, mind you!) after his breakup from a years-long, could-get-married-high-school-sweetheart-courtship. We kissed once, stargazing on the city golf course. Ryne died my freshman year in college - gunshot wound. Undetermined.
  2. Ryan J.
    My first major adolescent crush. Also, my first kiss - after middle school volleyball and football practice waiting for our parents to pick us up. We were both voted "Class Heartbreaker" senior year, so, yeah- a match made in Flirtatious Heaven. He was my LOST Sawyer- bad and forbidden and appeal based mostly on *danger* and red flags.
  3. Ryan F.
    We both had an unspoken commonality that high school would reap no serious romantic partners- leading to a string of makeouts throughout my high school career. Most notable though, was a smack fest on the floor of a choir bus on our way to Disneyworld.
  4. Blake
    Rather than roaring sex appeal, Blake was the first guy that friendship preceded attraction.
  5. Payton
    The love of my life and the only one in this list that matters.
  6. Casey
    A series of alley kisses and late-night, sneak-out makeouts. He was QB 1 and I was *cue me smitten*. Casey was nothing short of a gentleman.
  7. Latigo
    Three of my best friends were sent off my senior year. I was bored, lonely and didn't want to form attachments. Thus beginning a zero-commitment fling with a close friend's little brother, who happened to be the same age as my brother, who happened to be my brother's enemy. You can't win 'em all and I own this as a high school blunder.
  8. Hayden
    When best friends date each other, this sticky situation befalls the remaining two.
  9. Rylan
    Musical theatre production: 42nd Street. I was Peggy. He was Julian Marsh. Completely staged. I nearly lost it on stage when I left blinding red lips marks on his.
  10. Thomas
    His mom was my kindergarten teacher. On paper, solid match. One of the most interesting guys I knew who made me mixed CDs and we kissed during Breaking Bad episodes.