What's in a name? For myself, a novel of character upon the spectrum of Gabrielle:
  1. Gabrielle
    So as my birth certificate states. Infrequently summoned under this proper nomen. Most notable users: an angry mother. You would be astonished the conjugations it has undergone:
  2. Gabby
    My original surname chop towards a nickname. Few who knew me under this spelling are still adamant THIS is my name.
  3. Gabi
    My sophomore Chemistry teacher, Mr. Hodge, would ask students to write down what they wished to be called for the entire year. He was known for respecting the wishes of his students, no matter the ridiculous nature of the name they scribed. I took my chance, dropped two and bought a vowel.
  4. Gabriel
    Every substitute teacher and teacher on syllabus day mistook me for my macho alter ego. I crossed the platform to receive my college diploma as a man.
  5. Gabe
    A cruel, chewed-up version of my male alias. A tool utilized only by those who know the sting of a commonly blundered gender.
  6. Gabbee
    Haiii. Did your hand get stuck on the keyboarddd?
  7. Gabriella
    Whenever a girl needs a class boost or to relate to the half of me that is Hispanic. *throws in rolling 'r'* *garners acceptance and guacamole cheers*
  8. Grabby
    When Auto-Correct won't even by a girl dinner first.