or should have never been given a buzz run.
  1. Nasty
  2. Deplorable
    , Baskets of
  3. Email
    Servergate and the likes
  4. P*ssy
    Grabbing and such
  5. Bigly
  6. FBI
    Federal Bozos are Incompetent
  7. Classified
    As in, when you live in the Information Era, nothing is.
  8. Pageant
    Actually not mad about their tainted rep. Perfect opportunity to send these beauty contests into extinction mode.
  9. Locker-room banter
    Flatten the phys ed walls, we're going to need to rebrand athletics after this.
  10. Rigged
    How about Tim Riggins?
  11. Go high
    When alas, much of this election has been go so low.
  12. Stronger Together
    Purple Rain, you guys
  13. Two Corinthians
    I was a Bible Quiz Whiz Kid back in the day. The audacity.
  14. WikiLeaks
    Not Wikipedia, I have continually repeated to my mother for months.
  15. Weiner
    The man (or lacking character thereof) and pictures of his.
  16. Yuuuuuuuuuge
    Like Yeezy - but political
  17. The Wall
    Going up
  18. The Glass Ceiling
    Going down
  19. Stamina
    As in, American voters gots none left.