The basics of tying a tie explained by GQ Creative Director Jim Moore and Style Editor Will Welch:
  1. Your tie is too long.
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    Your tie length is dictated by how high your pants sit. Make sure the tip of the tie comes to the middle of your waistband or the middle of your belt.
  2. Your tie should always have a dimple.
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    Form a fold with your thumb and forefinger before you start to tighten your tie to make sure it's really tight.
  3. Your tie bar isn't there to fasten your tie together.
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    It's there to attach your tie to the shirt and give it lift and shape. Give your tie a little slack before you clip it on.
  4. You should stop wearing silk.
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    The best ties for fall are pretty much all wool. If you had these five ties in your arsenal, or something similar, you're going to be set for the season.