The 10 stories GQ readers spent the most time reading in 2015.
  1. The Late, Great Stephen Colbert (by Joel Lovell)
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    Since last winter, after laying to rest the blowhard host of The Colbert Report and inheriting Letterman’s seat on The Late Show, the most inventive comic of his generation has been consumed with one very large question: Who will he be now? Stephen Colbert—the real one—gives a sneak peek. And in revealing his truest self (and boy, does he go deep), he shows us how he might just reinvent late-night, too:
  2. The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit (by Michael Finkel)
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    For nearly thirty years, a phantom haunted the woods of Central Maine. Unseen and unknown, he lived in secret, creeping into homes in the dead of night and surviving on what he could steal. To the spooked locals, he became a legend—or maybe a myth. They wondered how he could possibly be real. Until one day last year, the hermit came out of the forest:
  3. What Would Cool Jesus Do? (by Taffy Brodesser-Akner)
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    It’s the church of choice for Bieber and Durant. It’s where the cool kids spend Sunday morning after Saturday night at the club. For ye of little faith, it’s hard to make sense out of Hillsong. Is it legit? Is it a hipster cult? And why’s everyone wearing Saint Laurent? GQ’s Taffy Brodesser-Akner joins the flock to find out if Christianity can really be this cool and still be Christian:
  4. President Obama and Bill Simmons: The GQ Interview
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    The leader of the free world sits down with the free agent of the year—HBO’s Bill Simmons—to discuss the Obama era and beyond. The exclusive White House Q&A:
  5. Tay-tanic (by Chuck Klosterman)
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    Weren’t we told they don’t make pop stars this big anymore? Nobody bothered to tell Taylor Swift. Chuck Klosterman interrogates the most popular human alive:
  6. How the Bouncer of Berghain Chooses Who Gets Into the Most Depraved Party on the Planet (by Burt Helm)
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    A Q&A with the debaucherous techno club's world-famous bouncer, Sven Marquardt:
  7. Searching for Sugar Daddy (by Taffy Brodesser-Akner)
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    Do you ever see a super-old, super-rich guy out on the town with a super-young girl who's super out of his league and wonder, how the hell did that happen? This is how it happened. Taffy Brodesser-Akner investigates the bold new transactional-love economy:
  8. The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out (by Nate Penn)
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    It was supposed to be a quiet meeting of regional clubs at a local Waco breastaurant. Instead, nine men were killed, 20 were wounded, and 177 wound up in jail. Was it a turf war gone mad? Or a botched police response? Nathaniel Penn reports on how the bloodiest day in biker history went down:
  9. How to Have 106 Babies—and Counting (by Michael Paterniti)
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    Ed Houben is Europe’s most virile man. And after years of donating sperm the “normal” way (sterile room, cup, cash), he and some women looking to get pregnant for free began cutting out the middlemen and getting it done as nature prefers it (sex!). Today, Houben has over a hundred children—and Ed the Babymaker is in greater demand than ever. We imagine you have some questions:
  10. Game Brain (by Jeanne-Marie Laskas)
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    Let's say you run a multibillion-dollar football league. And let's say the scientific community—starting with one young pathologist in Pittsburgh and growing into a chorus of neuroscientists across the country—comes to you and says concussions are making your players crazy, crazy enough to kill themselves, and here, in these slices of brain tissue, is the proof. Do you join these scientists and try to solve the problem, or do you use your power to discredit them: