A picture of Every school dance I've ever been to..(7th grade-College)

I love dancing. I love acting stupid. Singing and dancing to top 40 hits that no one actually likes, but pretends to for the night. I love not giving a care in the world what people think of me. I've gone to every school dance I possibly could. So here's my array of pictures from those dances from 2010-2016.
  1. The tank top under a classic dress? Classic. The hoop earrings are my fav though. -7th grade "homecoming"
  2. LOOK AT ME I JUST GOT CONTACTS. -7th grade "pinkout"
  3. Why did my father let me wear that dress? Also.. I'm wondering why my bangs are straightened 😳- 8th grade "homecoming"
  4. At it again with the short dresses.. -freshman year homecoming
  5. At least I learned how to curl my hair all the way.. -freshman "snow coming"
  6. Sophomore year homecoming = dangerous phase of my life where I thought being a brunette was a good idea. -sophomore year, homecoming.
  7. Junior year "winter formal." I only remember going to Applebee's beforehand for dinner...
  8. Junior year- Prom. Pink dress in front of a red barn? #regrets
  9. Senior year homecoming. I re-wore my dress from junior year. 😬 it was also my first dance with a date.. So, I felt cool.
  10. Senior year- snowcoming. Not my favorite dance, but I liked hanging with my girls.
  11. Senior prom- I wasn't a fan of the actual dance, but before and after were fun!
  12. College freshman masquerade- brand new friends, super fun night.
  13. College freshman semi-formal- super fun with my girls.