Soooo I went to Florida with 5 other girls for spring break. And we kept a list of funny things that were said. I will not reveal who said what, but out of context some of these quotes are very strange.
  1. Mexico is half a mile that way *in indiana*
  2. "Keep on twerking ladies"
  3. "Put them against the window!"
  4. "There are no bitches here, only daughters of christ"
  5. "I'm pissed"
  6. "We parked at 7 and 11"
  7. "It's amazing what you can do when you're sober"
  8. "Let's have a cuddle puddle"
  9. "I'm so glad I'm a woman because men are fun to look at"
  10. "I don't believe myself, but you guys should believe me"
  11. "See where it says: "don't do it" do it."
  12. "No condoms in the condo"
  13. "Answer to her, and if you can't.. She will"