I take a lot of pictures to remind me of the good things that have happened in my life!

Random memories that make me happy
  1. Summer going into senior year, I felt good, I was confident, ready to take on my last year of high school.
  2. Up north with my best friend in suttons bay. <3
  3. Senior Homecoming with my ladies.
  4. Leading 7th graders on a retreat.
  5. Halloween
  6. Santa at OBI
  7. Another school dance with my ladies.
  8. Late night homework sessions after rehearsals when we were super tired and cranky and loopy.😂
  9. Senior prom... The actual dance wasn't my favorite, but before and after was incredible!
  10. Graduation man
  11. Floor pics
  12. Breakfast with my OL after an all nighter studying for exams 🤓
  13. First formal at Calvin @ethanh
  14. Face filters @elelcooljoe
  15. YoungLife shenanigans
  16. Stealing this hat from a random dude in Florida 😅
  17. Shenanigans in RVD basement with my favorite twins @elelcooljoe @Sambothemanbo57