Music Artists I've seen live

I haven't been to a lot of concerts, but I've seen quite a few artists live due to music festivals and what not.
  1. Raven Symone
    I saw her concert in 3rd grade and didn't know a single song. I just thought it was cool that I was watching her live.
  2. Jake Ousley
    He was the singer-songwriter at castaway in 2012, and I actually got to work with him on some guitar chords/writing music in a workshop! It was super cool.
  3. Jamie Grace
    I went to a Christian music festival in 2013, and she was one of the artists that stuck out to me, even though I didn't know any of her songs!
  4. Matthew West
    "Hello my name is, child of the one true king..." -same Christian music festival.
  5. Toby Mac
    He was the headliner for this Christian music festival and he didn't disappoint. It was so good.
  6. David Crowder
    I got tickets for my birthday my senior year and he was super entertaining. I knew a ton of the songs, so it was fun.
  7. Filharmonic
    Men's 'Capella group? I had to go to the concert. It was filled with covers of top hits. Their voices blended with gorgeous harmonies and I sat in the front row. 😚
  8. Andrew Ripp
    Another singer/songwriter at camp. His voice was incredible and I became such a fan girl throughout the weekend. I even got a picture with him... I also got to see him live a second time in east Grand Rapids at a cute/small music venue.
  9. Swear & Shake
    This band opened up for Andrew and I was obsessed the minute I heard them. They were so good and I was so glad I got to watch them live.
  10. Daughter
    Their music was good, but it was probably one of the most boring concerts I've ever been too. The songs were all slower, and I like to dance at concerts so I didn't know how to react. I still enjoyed the live music.
  11. Ben Rector
    I've been a fan for years and he was even better live. 😍 I got to ask him a question after the concert, and I was def fan-girling for a moment.
  12. 21 Pilots
    My absolute favorite concert of all time. They were incredible live. Great music, great performance.. I was really impressed. I danced almost the whole time. I also had great seats.. Soooo.
  13. Amy Lawrence
    Singer/song-writer from Nashville that performed at camp. She's super cute, and her songs really have deep stories behind them. I loved getting a chance to hear some stories and then listening to the songs she wrote about those stories.