People that I haven't seen much of this summer and who I'm very excited to see in the fall.

Tonight I was looking through my pictures, and I'm getting super excited to move back into school. Here are some of the awesome people in my life that I'm excited to see again in about a month.
  1. HUNTER! I miss our late night study sessions and late night trips to Steak 'n Shake. Adventuring with you is so much fun and I'm so excited to see you this fall!
  2. Sara! I could always count on you to have a listening ear and a motherly response. Our late night conversations to our many laughs make me SO excited to be on the same floor again this year.
  3. Josh! You've got a special place in my heart, no matter how strange you are. Picking on you is fun and I can't wait to pick back up our friendship where we left off.
  4. NICOLE! Your contagious laughter and weirdness makes my heart a little less whole without you this summer. Forever my favorite Canadian. <3
  5. Brouwer twins! Even though I've seen you guys a couple times this summer, your awkward, hilarious personalities really entertain me and I'm excited to see ya'll on campus this fall again. <3
  6. KREG! I miss your generous heart and fighting like siblings every time we hang out. I know you're doing great things at Geneva this summer and I'm SO excited to hear about them in the fall.
  7. Vanessa! Our face swap is scary, but your kind heart and godly lifestyle really makes me miss having you around to chat with. I'm so excited for you to be an RA this year and I will def be visiting your floor a lot this year. <3
  8. Sienna. There are no words to describe you. Your character puts a smile on my face. But I love your big, sassy personality and I love how we can have deep conversations out of nowhere.
  9. Last but not least, Ethan! Your comedic personality has def been missed. Super excited to spend nights just laughing at stupid stuff like songs about raining tacos and clips from the office. Also excited for those chill dorm nights where we get to just watch movies and listen to the "tunnel of trees" playlist.