Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Well if you haven't met my cat, here you go.
  2. Again with the cat
  3. The first time I saw a face swap
  4. My friend decided to screenshot my snapchat and Instagram it, so I had to screenshot the instagrammed version
  5. @elelcooljoe thinks I'm hot
  6. My brother found my great grandmother's doll in the basement when he was cleaning it
  7. I just thought this was insane.
  8. We Yik Yaked "I wish someone would make out with me casually" and we got lots of responses (at 1 am) so we travelled to almost all of the dorms when people said they would meet us there. Audience members of this conversation on Yik Yak ended up coming out to see if we were actually telling the truth.
  9. Because @elelcooljoe would never actually "Netflix and Chill"