Things I'll miss about summer 2016

This summer has been great, and it might be my last summer at home.. So here I am reminiscing about how awesome my summer was.
  1. My coworkers
    Even though we got annoyed with each other because we spent SO much time together, I'm really gonna miss laughing and venting with my coworkers on a daily basis.
  2. Swing Dancing at Rosa Parks
    Even though swing dancing goes through the school year, it's not the same when it's indoors. Going to swing downtown GR and hanging out with some awesome people every week has been SUCH a fun experience. I also got pretty good at swing dancing. 🤗
  3. Babysitting my kids
    The kids I babysit are SO cute and I'm really gonna miss seeing their smiling faces every week. Although they drive me nuts once in awhile, I love them to pieces and I'm really gonna miss spending time with them.
  4. GL Reuben
    I work at a restaurant, and this sandwich has changed my life. Whitefish, Swiss, Cole slaw on rye bread dipped in 1000 dressing. Yum. I'll really miss getting this sandwich for half off on my shifts.
  5. The two high school friends that I still talked to this summer.
    Most of my high school friends stopped talking to me, but I was able to see two of them multiple times this summer, even with our busy schedules.
  6. My family
    I loved being able to spend time with my family, even if we couldn't all hang out at once very often,