I'm clumsy, and I've broken quite a few things in my 2 years at restaurants.
  1. Coffee pot
    I forgot that you couldn't put cold water in a coffee pot...
  2. Another coffee pot
    I clanked two of them together as I was washing them..
  3. And Another coffee pot...
    I whacked it off of the top of the coffee machine (where it shouldn't have been in the first place..)
  4. Plate of nachos
    I was taking a plate back to the dish tank and I was trying to look cool and take multiple things at once and dropped the plate on the ground.
  5. Bottle of red wine
    I knocked it off the counter and it shattered/spilled all over the floor. My coworker proceeded to take a picture of me squatting while I was cleaning up...(think about that one)
  6. A big glass
    I just kinda knocked this one off of the counter because I was in a rush..
  7. Wine glass
    Giphy downsized medium
    I was grabbing two wine glasses at once and clanked them together and it broke right on me in my hand, I got little cuts all over my hand and wrist. (This happened today, which is what gave me the idea to make this list.)
  8. Beer glass
    I was washing the beer glass in the machine thing at the bar (if you've worked in a restaurant, you know what I'm talking about)