This is about both Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's friendship, and also a gift I received recently.
  1. So, you know how Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are best friends?
    It's the greatest thing ever.
  2. They're probably my favorite duo of all time
    Sorry Bert and Ernie.
  3. They have so many iconic moments
    Such as hosting SNL together, the History of Rap videos, and doing the single ladies dance at a tennis tournament (pictured).
  4. I love them so much that one time I bought this shirt
    Jimmy has such a Vice President personality. Clearly that's why he's second on here. JT would be a great president. I stand by that.
  5. Fast forward to September when Justin was on The Tonight Show
    A great night. My roommates and I made snacks and watched this.
  6. Bonus: Justin showed the world his baby
    Look at sweet little Silas! Those EYES!
  7. And of course there was a History of Rap
    The sixth one. Always a fun time.
  8. During the interview, Justin told a story about how he stayed at Jimmy's house and how the mugs at Jimmy's home had faces on them
    Justin used the mug with Jimmy's face on it. Then proceeded to steal the mug. Then sent this photo to Jimmy "two months later." (According to Jimmy)
  9. So then Jimmy made this
    WHAT a masterpiece.
  10. And then this
  11. What great friends
    They're seriously just a couple of nice and funny dudes who love each other so much.
  12. Anyways, look what my best friend got me for Christmas.
  13. The end