We're talking post-Wheelchair Jimmy era. Let's start in 2009. It was a good year and we all know this is when he started to take off majorly.
  1. 2009 Drake
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    Great starting point for this list. It's the So Far Gone era. Showing off that he can be dapper as hell. Making a name for himself as a musician. Everyone's really into this guy. What's he got for us next? Can't wait to find out!
  2. 2010 Drake
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    Just a really soft guy. His debut album Thank Me Later is released. He's nominated for his first GRAMMY. Singles from this album are getting radio play. This guy has got it figured out. He's getting on up there. Gonna wow some people with his charm and sensitivity. Would you just look at that smile?
  3. 2011 Drake
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    Arguably the best Drake. Letting the hair grow out and taking on 2011 with a vengeance! He releases Take Care - which includes Marvins Room, the #1 "all up in my feelings" song to ever exist. Allegedly dating Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and several models - probably all at once. Who knows? What doesn't this guy have going for him?
  4. 2012 Drake
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    A great transition year for Drake. People have caught on to this uprising of love that everyone has for this guy and he features on literally any and every album released. Participates in a GQ cover magazine shoot (pictured) that changed lives and cured illnesses worldwide.
  5. 2013 Drake
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    Here we go - the Drake we all know and love. The Nothing Was The Same era is upon us. He leads up to this album release with so many bangers that we all couldn't get out of our heads and before we know it, nothing was the same, literally. This album brings us a side of Drake we never knew existed. He's in his element and he's out here proving that he's the best in the business.
  6. 2014 Drake
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    Oh, this guy doesn't even need an album to stay on top of the game. With hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live, hosting the ESPYs, killing us all with the hype song of the universe "Trophies." He continues to surprise us all with his talent and humor.
  7. 2015 Drake
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    Started it all off by dropping an album without any notice. There were no woes in sight after this drop unless you were running through the 6, of course. Then, beef with Meek Mill that lead to many diss tracks that also melted our brains from brilliance. Lastly, a mixtape with Future was released to hold us over until Views in the new year. He's just taking it easy now. Out there dating Serena Williams and always looking like a buff and bearded dad at various basketball games. He's the best.