1. Orange
    When you see an orange tree in autumn, it's about to go down. Fall is HERE!
  2. Red
    Close runner-up to orange because they're obviously similar, but the thing about red, though, is that it's the mysterious and rare tree color. Red is just a good color for a tree.
  3. Yellow
    Yellow trees in fall are probably the most common, but that doesn't make them not important to the overall view of some fall scenery.
  4. Green
    Green is the late-bloomer. Just waiting around to be one of the other pretty colors. Kinda like the kid brother who just wants to ride bikes with the older siblings, but still had training wheels.
  5. Brown
    Let's face it - brown trees usually mean that the leaves are about to fall off and be completely barren until spring comes around. There's nothing wrong with that! Sometimes things must die in order to eventually be filled with life again.