I'M BACK. (The title is in caps because I'm bad with transitions and need this until I'm USED to the new title option) Love you all.
  1. President: Justin Timberlake; Vice President: Jimmy Fallon
    I love them both, but let's be real: Fallon has that VP vibe. Timberlake has what it takes to run the United States.
  2. President: Channing Tatum; Vice President: Jonah Hill
    Channing Tatum could come up with some good foreign policy and Jonah's probably more of a hype man any way.
  3. President: Amy Poehler; Vice President: Tina Fey
    This one was hard. Both of them would run this country better than just about anyone, but I'm just not sure I could let go of Amy's character on Parks and Recreation knowing that her character would be SO good as President, but really, this could be an eenie meenie miney mo situation.
  4. President: Zack Morris; Vice President: Screech Powers
    Zack Morris has the confidence and FACE for president (not that these are the only qualifications, but let's be real).
  5. President: Michael Scott; Vice President: Dwight Schrute
    This one is kind of obvious considering Michael's the boss and Dwight's the Assistant to the Regional Manager, but imagine Michael's commencement and yearly correspondence dinner speeches. Dwight would try to help write them, but never actually get a word in.
  6. President: Rory Gilmore; Vice President: Lorelai Gilmore
    Rory has her head on straight, total badass, can make stuff happen while also compromising. Would be a beloved president. Lorelai would be really great at all the VP duties.
  7. President: Chandler Bing; Vice President: Joey Tribbiani
    Roommates as duos is perfect. Chandler has the most common sense, he could maybe possibly run the country? Joey, not necessarily, but also, he could take over if Chandler has a tough time.
  8. President: Bert; Vice President: Ernie