Inspired by @alexim
  1. Peeta Mellark
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    Obviously living in Panem is pretty damn messed up and dystopian novels are sooo three years ago, but holy cow, this boy was everything. (Totally has nothing to do with how I've had a HUGE crush on Josh Hutcherson since I was a kid.)
  2. Jess Mariano
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    Unintentionally super into the whole bad-boy-who-loves-literature trope for some reason. He's absolutely perfect in a totally "we would probably have a really unhealthy relationship" way.
  3. Guy Patterson
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    He's in a band. That's not even that important even though 2009 Grace would swoon over that back in the day. He's the perfect gentleman and LOVES jazz music. That's absolutely lovely.
  4. Tim Riggins
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  5. Jim Halpert
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    Cliché as hell, I know. But I'm only human. He's so kind and funny.
  6. Patrick Verona
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    Sheesh, again with the bad boys. Total dreamboat. Even though he doesn't have the best of intentions at first, he turns out to be a pretty alright guy.
  7. Michael Moscovitz
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    I just watched Princess Diaries and I wanna cry. He's just so sweet and plays music and fixes cars.
  8. Nick Miller
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    Ugh, he's such a slacker and so weird, but I find myself to be really into him more often than not.
  9. Louis from Stuck in Love
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    I could cry he's just so cute. I don't know what it is.