Five Songs I Can't Stop Listening To

In classic Grace fashion, my favorite songs and descriptions of the songs using my synesthesia as a guide.
  1. The Breakup - LANY
    Geez this one HURTS but the piano riff is to DIE FOR. Feels like midnight blues swirling around and tastes like white chocolate.
  2. LOVE (FEAT.ZACARI) - Kendrick Lamar
    This album is #1 album of the year probably. This song is immaculate. I fell in love so hard. Reminds me of the prettiest and softest sunrise - dreamsicle oranges and light blues.
  3. Yesterday - Noname
    Actually I can't stop listening to everything on this album, but the point of this list is songs, so I picked my current favorite. I love this lady. All of her songs are soft pastels and taste like citrus fruits, especially oranges.
  4. Blood on Me - Sampha
    If this album doesn't win a GRAMMY, it'll be a TRUE tragedy. All of Sampha's music reminds me of symphonies of musicians dressed in black and white with people nearby on a dance floor. Color-wise, everything is stark white.
  5. Song - Sylvan Esso
    These two make that kinda music that just draws you in and initially makes you wanna dance, but also cry. This band is yellow, yellow through and through but this album and this song are very bright red polka dots.