1. Angela - The Lumineers
    Goodness, this song hits me right in the heart. I can't believe it exists.
  2. Waste a Moment - Kings of Leon
    New album comes out tomorrow!!! I am so excited! I saw their album release show last week! Life-changing!
  3. 24k Magic - Bruno Mars
    Uptown Funk's cool older brother who wears a leather jacket he bought at a collective consignment shop, socially smokes cigarettes with his buddies and wears sunglasses inside
  4. Godspeed - Frank Ocean
    The new frank album got me. It really killed me. That's actually why I've been off Death by Frank Ocean. This is my favorite on of the album even though I will listen to about three other songs before I actually get here. I have to really be in the mood but I love it so much.
  5. Jealous - Labrinth
    I've always adored this song but it's stuck in my brain right now all over again.