Inspired by @kait; I fall really hard, really fast and really often. I'm very selective and like the same kind of guy over and over. Learning my lesson one day at a time.
  1. The one I talked about baseball with
    He liked the Red Sox. We had the same favorite team. For me, that apparently meant that we were bound to be soul mates, right? Now dating an ex-friend of mine.
  2. The one I reunited with after years and years of being apart
    Nine year old me couldn't let go. We were summer camp sweethearts. We never felt the same about one another at the same time. We tried it out anyway - dated for a month. It was like dating my sibling. He's got a fiancée and child now.
  3. The one I spent too long on
    This guy was a lot of my firsts. We never dated. He also never actually liked me. Used me to get a girl back. It was bad. We had lunch recently. Still a total sugar-coated jerk. Beware of guys like this.
  4. The one I wanted in the most surface level way
    He was so hot. So, so hot. That's the basis of this appeal. Not sure where he is now.
  5. The one I admired from afar
    We had lunch once. He winked at me while from the stage of a show he was playing. I played it cool. Pined after him via social media for months. He's still in a really lame band. Probably ugly now.
  6. The one I liked out of summer boredom
    No clue how I got myself into this one or out of this one.
  7. The one I fell head-over-heels in love with
    It was unrequited. He's got a girlfriend now. I hope they get married. He deserves the world.
  8. The one I met on Tinder
    We had the best in-depth conversations about religion, marriage, music and dreams. More of a friend than anything. We never dated. He's married now.
  9. The one I clicked with faster than anyone I've ever met
    Didn't work out. The major differences outweighed the major similarities. Still friends. There's still feelings on my end, but I'm working through it.
  10. The worst one yet
    We were so similar it hurts. I didn't think I would fall for him like I did, but I was very wrong. He ended things abruptly and it was that "wrong timing" kinda hurt.