very condensed
  1. orange juice on a Saturday morning
    freshly squeezed
  2. dead leaves that vary in color and crunch underneath your feet
    orange, brown, red, yellow
  3. Christmas lights during any season
    twinkly lights year-round
  4. when people I love are happy
    it makes my heart sing
  5. seeing my dog after months of being away at school
    tail-waggin' love
  6. waking up to the smell of coffee and breakfast
    pancakes and waffles; just a little sugar and some half and half, please!
  7. listening to someone's heart beat while lying on their chest
    the basic human soundtrack
  8. riding in the car with the windows down late at night screaming lyrics that mean everything to you at the top of your lungs
    lots of Coldplay
  9. chilly weather that is just perfect when you're in the sun
    a smooth fifty degrees
  10. rainy weather while you're inside sipping on a hot cup of earl grey tea
    in your favorite mug
  11. Octobers
    post-season baseball, fall weather, the anticipation of the fun holidays coming up, cuddling, warm socks
  12. that feeling you get when someone is playing with your hair and you're somewhere between awake and a deep sleep
    pure happiness
  13. the smell of cookies baking in the oven
    preferably oatmeal cookies
  14. hugging your mom after not seeing her for a while
    mom hugs are the best hugs
  15. listening to one of your favorite songs with someone you love who also loves that song
    singing along and tapping your feet to the beat is a group effort