Saw this little game somewhere the other day. It was too fun. Everyone else join in!!
  1. Day of the week
    Thursday: the anticipation of it almost being Friday, but not quite the excitement of the weekend being here. The feeling of knowing that you can begin to make plans for the weekend without actually having to follow through with them quite yet.
  2. Month
    October: dark lipstick and winged liner complete with a chunky knit scarf to protect from cool weather + ankle boots made for walking on crunchy leaves as I'm sipping an Americano with two sugars and a little half and half
  3. Planet
    Pluto: Most of my life, Pluto was apart of the original nine, so I'm including it. And much like this small little guy, I'm just a tiny 5'2 girl who would love to have my size justified with more shelves at eye-level across the world.
  4. Piece of furniture
    Papasan chair: cozy and easy to spend a lot of time with but isn't always the greatest way to spend a day because you'll be super lazily lying around. Exactly how I am when you hang out with me because my productivity is at an all-time low for a long time and the actual productive part comes in bursts.
  5. Gemstone
    Pearl: Simple and minimalist, but also classy and very cute.
  6. Flower
    Sunflower: Fun and bright on occasion, but reserved and kept to myself when I want to be.
  7. Kind of weather
    Spring rain shower: calm and what must happen in order for there to be warmth and growth
  8. Color
    Navy blue: an adverse color that can be used in any situation and pairs nicely with most other colors but it's still inviting
  9. Emotion
    😎 (basically just this little guy): which translates to the feeling you get when you wanna say "I knew it!" but don't wanna seem like a total know-it-all
  10. Fruit
    Apple: crisp and sweet 🍎
  11. Sound
    A drummer sound checking before a show: always searching for perfection while keeping beat at all times
  12. Place
    Paris, France: simplistic, artsy and romantic with culture and history
  13. Taste
    Cinnamon: a spice that makes adds just a little pinch of flavor to sweet things
  14. Scent
    Freshly brewed coffee: exhilaration at first, but eventually becomes a feeling of comfort
  15. Object
    A mix CD: a variety of attributes that blend together really nicely yet have some really out of place characteristics that somehow fit just as well
  16. Body part
    Pinky toe: sometimes has a run-in with the coffee table, but very important for staying on your feet
  17. Song
    Closed Hand Full of Friends | Foy Vance - full of unrelenting optimism and joy
  18. Pair of shoes
    Black ankle boots: comfortable but stylish and easy to pair with lots of other things, can be dressed up or dressed down