Inspired by @briana
  1. Puppy nuzzles
  2. ICEEs the size of my head
    There's nothing better than stopping while on a road trip and seeing that little polar bear indicating that there's an ICEE machine waiting for you!!!
  3. Mom hugs
  4. All hugs, actually
  5. Warm fuzzy socks
  6. The bluegrass genre
  7. The smell of bonfires
  8. Holding hands
    I talk about this a lot, but really, I love it.
  9. My roommates
    The girls that I live with make my life easier, happier and over all just calmer.
  10. Macaroni and cheese
  11. The Food Network
    Love you Alton, Guy, Duff, Anne, Rachel, Giada, Bobby (Flay, not Deen), and Ina.
  12. The Starbucks on campus that's open until midnight
  13. Being able to call a campus "my campus" because I have the privilege to attend a university and receive an education there
  14. Fig jam
    It's so good, wtf.
  15. Christmas music
    Year-round, honestly.
  16. When baristas ask if I want room for cream
    Thank you for asking, because I totally forget to say that. You're all the realest.
  17. Pillows
    All of them.
  18. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade