A Head Full of Dreams is finally going to be released on Friday (!!!) and I was able to hear it today! Here is a play-by-play documentation of me listening to it for the first time. This band has always meant so, so much to me as I've grown up.
  1. A Head Full of Dreams
    IS that Life in Technicolor? Wait, did they mash some songs from previous albums into one song? Those SNEAKY AND GENIUS MEN!!! This is so fun. I dig it. I love this so much already. #thriving
  2. Birds
    This is SO Mylo Xyloto-era Coldplay. I LOVED that era. I wanna DANCE.
  3. Hymn for the Weekend
    THIS IS THE ONE WITH BEYONCÉ IN IT. YES, THERE SHE IS!!!!!! Aw, SHIT. HOLY CRAP. This is so good. Wow. The chorus makes me wanna die. THIS BEAT. I love this so much. Definitely gonna be a favorite.
  4. Everglow
    A single. Doesn't really count because I've heard it. This is the heartbreaker of the album. Gwenyth Paltrow (the reason sad songs exist in Coldplay-land) is featured on this album. Insane, right? So good. Total tear-jerker, though.
  5. Adventure of a Lifetime
    ANOTHER SINGLE! The jam! I stayed up until three in the morning one day to hear this for the first time and I'll remember that forever. I love this band so much.
  6. Fun
    Tove Lo (the "Stay High" girl) is in this song. Let's see here. Drums are fun (PUN INTENDED). Lots of usual Chris Martin "Ooh-ooh-ing" in this one. Not feeling Tove Lo, but I like this a lot.
  7. Kaleidoscope
    This is beautiful. My jaw is permanently dropped. Beautiful piano with a Rumi piece as spoken word? I don't know if I'll ever stop listening to this. This is everything I've ever needed.
  8. Army of One
    Okay, I can already tell this is gonna be one of my favorites. SO FUN WITH A GREAT BEAT. This is so good. Definitely top two. Probably along with the Beyoncé one. Yeah, for sure.
  9. Amazing Day
    Ooh, a little ominous. I wanna body roll to this. I LOVE this. Very chill but has an AMAZING (pun intended) BEAT.
  10. Color Spectrum
    I love the title already. It's probably very pretty. This sounds like it'd be in the background of a movie at the part where the love interests really finally realize they belong together.
  11. Up&Up
    This is a PERFECT closing song. It has just the BEST sound for a song that should really sum up/conclude an album, a career, an era.