1. Mindy Kaling
    Love you, @mindy
  2. Ben Rector
    Hey, Ben - download List App.
  3. Guy Patterson, the drummer in That Thing You Do!
    "Put your glasses on, Shades! Give 'em what they want!" This guy got to meet and play jazz with his idol.
  4. Tom Hanks
  5. Lady Gaga
    There's literally no rhyme or reason behind this one, but I feel it so hard.
  6. The president
    It doesn't even have to be the current one, but okay, change this to Barack Obama.
  7. The First Lady
    You got me again...this should say Michelle Obama.
  8. The old guy who eats cereal in Cheerio commercials
    His job description is to talk about high blood pressure and eat cereal which is what old people do anyway, so they get paid to do normal stuff while talking to a creepy animated bee.
  9. One half of those old couples on Sandals commercials
    I get a paycheck to advertise your cruise in front of waves projected on a green screen while fake laughing with some sunglasses on? Sign me up!
  10. The person who continues to make money through the Sandals cruise line company
    I have never met a single person who has gone on a Sandals cruise, yet it seems to be making good money. Sign me up!
  11. Vanna White