I love Thursdays.
  1. Woke up an hour before my alarm.
    Gonna lie in bed for the next hour, obviously.
  2. Take half an hour to figure out what shirt to wear
    Just keep the denim shirt on. It's cute! You don't need a scarf - it's 75 degrees.
  3. Listen to Mumford and Sons on the way to get breakfast
    It takes an entire "Tompkins Square Park" to get from point A to point B.
  4. Run into friends and eat breakfast with them.
    Morning company can be more joyful than you anticipated.
  5. Meet for coffee with more friends.
    Introverts love to be alone, but sometimes good conversation rules over the desire to sit by yourself.
  6. Class, class, class...
    Statistics makes no sense and numbers are difficult.
  7. Leave class early.
    Sorry, professor. It's beautiful outside today.
  8. Second class of the day is cancelled.
    Existential thoughts can wait.
  9. Go home to read a great book on the balcony while a steady breeze blows.
    Might be one of my top five reasons as to why life is worth it - stay tuned.
  10. Continue to listen to this same Mumford and Sons album that's been on repeat all week.
    Broad-Shouldered Beasts on replay, actually.
  11. Sleepily try to make it to my next class after lying in bed on The List App for a few hours
    It hasn't even been downloaded for 24 hours yet.
  12. Spend an entire hour listening to the drone of my professor's voice as he talks about who knows what.
    Statistics? Yeah, I don't know.
  13. Freedom!
    No class, no obligations
  14. Besides dinner with that friends you've been trying to make plans with for three weeks.
    Much needed laughs and heart-to-hearts.
  15. Food coma from dinner.
    And everything smells like fried food in the best way.
  16. Baseball and warm cider.
    And a pinch of cinnamon.
  17. Car rides with U-turns and deep conversation.
    Mixture between gossip and fighting over the auxiliary cord.
  18. Late night Taco Bell and channel surfing.
    Steve Harvey is the man.
  19. One more sleep until home.