Ya know, that HGTV show that the hunky Scott twins host.
  1. That one lady who can't get over the terrible carpet
    You know the point of this show is to renovate, right? I would like to think you could eventually understand how temporary carpet is.
  2. That one husband who never says a single word
    He just stands there and shrugs while his wife goes the hell off on Drew for subjecting her to even look at some carpeted stairs.
  3. The lady who brings her mother along who won't agree with her on anything
    "Stacy, the floors are just terrible." "They can fix that, mom!" Mom just isn't having it and rolls her eyes every thirty seconds.
  4. The guy who's really pretentious about his kitchen
    Dude, chill out. You're gonna make all of your bros super jealous with your "Kiss the cook!" apron before you know it!
  5. The twin sisters who shamelessly flirt with both brothers
    Okay, listen, you're both like fifty-something and I understand that you think this makes good television? But we're all uncomfy.
  6. Not Jonathan and Drew
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    Are you kidding me? Look at these dreamboats.